A Foodie’s Paradise

Santa Fe is not only a capital city, but also a culinary capital with a well deserved reputation for blending traditional New Mexican flavors with cutting edge culinary approaches. With more than 200 restaurants in the city environs, the options run the gamut from gourmet, fusion eateries and those showcasing James Beard award winning chefs, to fabulous burger joints and taco stands.

Much of the city’s fare is devoted to creative New Mexican and Southwestern cuisine, combining contemporary tastes with Spanish, Mexican and Native American culinary traditions. Where else would you find a prickly pear margarita, sushi rolls with guacamole and chocolate mousse laced with red chile. Santa Fe also offers foods of the world including Italian, French, Spanish, Middle Eastern, Asian and African in a range of environments from fine dining to casual.

One unique culinary treat involves New Mexican foods cooked in an outdoor horno, an adobe beehive shaped oven used for generations by area Hispanics and Native Americans. It is said that the unique flavor of horno cooking stems from its earthy essence; most hornos are made from wood, mud and river rocks.

Farm-to-table fare is gaining in popularity in Santa Fe, with a bustling Farmers Market and numerous small farms located along the nearby Rio Grande. New Mexico surprisingly houses the country’s oldest wine producing region, with a number of wineries offering a range of varietals.

Local culinary arts are celebrated in many ways in Santa Fe through events such as Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta, ARTFeast and a busy schedule of cooking classes allowing residents and visitors to participate in the joy of Santa Fe cooking.

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