Guest Information

General Club Policies

The Club does not accept cash; a member account must be used for all charges. Credit and debit cards will be accepted for purchases by guests.

Smoking is not permitted in any Club facilities.

Cell phone conversations are prohibited in the restaurants and lounges of all Club Facilities. Please be courteous in your data use of cell phones in other areas. For emergency purposes, we encourage members to carry a cell phone on the golf course.

Complimentary valet service is provided for golfers and Hacienda visitors. Self-parking is permitted in designated areas only.

Dress Codes

For men, proper attire is a tucked-in golf shirt and slacks or golf shorts. Jeans of any type are not acceptable attire. Golf shorts must be Bermuda length. Swimsuits, running shorts, tennis shorts or cut-offs are not acceptable attire.

For women, proper attire is a golf shirt or golf tee shirt, golf shorts, skirts, capris or slacks. Jogging suits, swimsuits, running shorts, short shorts, halter tops, tennis shorts or tennis dresses are not acceptable attire.

Shoes designed specifically for golf must be worn at all times. Metal spikes are not allowed.

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