The Club at Las Campanas is sensitive to the environmental challenges of life in the high desert.

The golf courses incorporate high desert mountain topography and native vegetation and are irrigated with a mixture of treated effluent and San Juan Chama project water. Since the members assumed ownership and control of the Club in 2010, the Club has initiated many projects that put a priority on environmental stewardship.


The Club highly values the natural beauty and abundant wildlife found in and around the Club environs. A Bluebird nesting program has been in effect since 2008 and the Club is working toward earning an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses designation. Read more about the water and wildlife conservation efforts at

The Club at Las Campanas respects and celebrates the distinctive community of Santa Fe. Community involvement is a hallmark of members, both as individuals and as a collective. Many members find great satisfaction in being involved in various areas of civic responsibility and donate time and resources to crucial local needs such as arts, education, the environment, health and human services, animal welfare, and hunger relief.

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Las Campanas Compadres

The Las Campanas Compadres program, a Santa Fe based charitable foundation supported by the Club, provides therapeutic programs for children and adults with physical, emotional, or learning disabilities. Both member and community participation in an annual mini-triathlon at the Fitness & Tennis Center raises additional funds and awareness for this program.

The spirit of giving and community support is a time honored tradition in Santa Fe, where an unusually high number of charities are supported by the local population. The members of The Club at Las Campanas strives to make a difference, both individually and as a group, to further the efforts of these worthy organizations. In addition, the Club is committed to evaluating its policies and practices and to making changes whenever possible that can contribute to a better environment and a better community.

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Sustainable Water for the Espanola Basin

New Mexico is located in the high desert Southwest, and currently is experiencing a third consecutive year of the worst drought recorded in the State's history. During a drought, the importance of sustainable water supply becomes paramount. In order to improve the understanding of sustainable water in our area of Northern New Mexico, Charlie Nylander recently scripted, narrated and produced an educational video film that describes the major elements of sustainable water in the Espanola Basin. The film was funded by Los Alamos County on behalf of the Espanola Basin Regional Issues Forum (EBRIF), ad ad hoc forum of county, city, and tribal governments located within the hydrologic basin described as the Espanola Basin. The film has been distributed for use by all fourteen of the participating governments that are members of EBRIF, a government-to-government forum that Mr. Nylander has provided consulting services for over the past nine years.

The film comprehensively describes the three major elements of sustainable water as: wet water (location of the water resource); water rights (legal administration of water use); and water infrastructure (man-made and natural systems that function to provide water production, storage, conveyance, treatment, and use). In addition, numerous water management topics are discussed, including water conservation which is illustrated with The Club at Las Campanas’ 2010 - 2012 golf course water conservation initiatives. Click here to view the video.

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