The Perfect High Desert Climate

Santa Fe’s location in the U.S. Southwest guarantees almost 300 days a year of dazzling sunshine. A dry climate gives the air a sparkling clarity and provides the opportunity to view amazing vistas, vibrant sunsets, and remarkable night skies. The crisp, clean air is also among the most healthful in the world (according to the World Health Organization) with virtually no air pollutants from industry.

People often assume the climate of northern New Mexico is similar to places like Phoenix, but an elevation of 7,000 feet provides cooler summers and snow in the winter. Summers are long lasting with the warmest days in July typically reaching the mid 90s, complemented by no humidity and cool, comfortable evenings. Fall is a wonderful time to enjoy the City Different with warm days, refreshing nights, and abundant sunshine. Winters are relatively mild with high temperatures in the 40s and 50s and the surrounding mountains are a winter wonderland with deep snow accumulation and nearby ski resorts. Spring is the most changeable time of year with snow run-off feeding the foothills, temperatures beginning to edge up, and occasional spring thunderstorms. The average rainfall in Santa Fe is 14 inches per year.

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